Located in Newport Beach, California, inXile entertainment is a game development company focused on creating personality-packed games to gamers wherever they play; from the PS3 to the iPhone. inXile was formed in 2002 by industry veteran Brian Fargo, who turned one of the small developers of the fledgling game industry of the 80's into one of the top 5 publishers of the 90's. inXile entertainment has assembled a team of some of the most talented and experienced people in the software industry so that we can bring the highest quality games possible to home and portable video game systems.

Brian Fargo

Brian Fargo

CEO, inXile entertainment

Brian Fargo has been in the games business since its infancy having founded Interplay Entertainment in 1983. Interplay became a top 5 PC games publisher in the mid 90's having produced some of the biggest franchises of all time including Bard's Tale, Wasteland, and Fallout. Interplay also helped to launch the careers of some of the biggest developers such as Blizzard, Bioware, and Treyarch. While at Interplay, Mr. Fargo brought Universal/MCA in as an equity partner and later took Interplay public in 1998. In addition, Mr. Fargo has served on the board of the IDSA, given key speeches at the industry's leading shows and most recently was the keynote at GDC China. Mr. Fargo formed inXile entertainment in 2002 and has just recently raised just under 3 million dollars with crowd sourced funding via Kickstarter for the newest project Wasteland® 2.

Matthem Findley

Matthew Findley

President, inXile entertainment

Matthew Findley worked with Mr. Fargo at Interplay Entertainment since 1989. Mr. Findley spent most of his career in Product Development, initially as a Programmer/Game Designer then in product management as both Producer and Executive Producer and finally as Division Head. Prior to inXile entertainment, Mr. Findley spent two and a half years living and working in London, England as Interplay's General Manager of Europe. In this capacity, Mr. Findley managed all of European development, marketing and distribution. Mr. Findley earned his BS in Information and Computer Science at University of California at Irvine (1990).

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