Crafting the Hand of the Patriarch

Man at Arms: Reforged returns with a new project that really packs a punch.

Saul Buchanan, also known as The Patriarch, wields a giant hammer to help him double-fist law and order for the lands of Colorado. Watch as the craftspeople on the Man at Arms: Reforged crew bring his hammer to life.

An excerpt from a scrap of paper found near the Desert Ranger's guide to Colorado: "There have been many versions of the Patriarch's hammer over his fifty year reign, starting with a plain old sledgehammer he picked up in a brawl back before he had consolidated his power, and getting bigger and more intimidating with each iteration. His current hammer, while mostly ceremonial, is still a devastating weapon. Its five foot oak haft is wrapped in the American flag that once waved above the state capital in Denver, and the bronze fist that makes up the business end of it comes from an early test casting of a statue of the Patriarch himself. Needless to say, it packs a punch."