Gamers for CHOC inXile Sweepstakes

Thanks to your support we’re over halfway to our goal for the ’21 Virtual CHOC Walk, but we still have a ways to go and need your help spreading the word. So we’re helping grease the wheels of social good by giving away some free games!

You can win free inXile games on Steam, as well as a prize package including ALL of our games. There are two different entry options, five total entry possibilities, and two drawing periods for a grand total of 10 chances to win!

Join Our CHOC Team

Our Friends of inXile team on the CHOC Walk site wants you to join! By simply creating an account, and then joining the inXile team you’re entered into the sweepstakes drawings.

  1. Visit the account registration page and sign up using your email

  2. If you’d like to fundraise yourself, you can choose to set your own goal amount to raise

  3. In the “Join team” section the Friends of inXile Entertainment team should be auto-filled in if you used the link in Step 1, otherwise enter it now

  4. Click Continue on the next page

  5. After completing account creation, head back to the Friends of inXile team page

  6. You’ll now see your name listed on the team page, and you’re officially entered into the sweepstakes!

No donation necessary, just create an account and join our team and you could win a prize package of every inXile game on Steam. It’s important that you use an email when signing up that we can contact you through should you win.

However if you DO want to donate unrelated to this sweepstakes, know that you can get some great keepsakes. Donating at these tiers will unlock some great incentives:

$50: Standard Virtual Package CHOC Walk in the Park virtual celebration, upgraded CHOC Walk race t-shirt

$100: Upgraded Virtual Package Virtual celebration, CHOC Walk commemorative pin, CHOC Walk cloth mask, upgraded CHOC Walk race t-shirt

$200: Exclusive Medallion Package CHOC Walk commemorative medallion plus all upgraded virtual package items

Check out for more details and incentives.

Help Spread the Word

You can win an inXile game of your choice just by helping us get the word out for our Gamers for CHOC social posts.


Head over to Twitter and Quote Retweet the following tweets, say something nice and add #sweepstakes to your retweet text. Each Retweet is an entry into both sweepstakes drawing periods.


Jump on Ye Olde Facebooke and go to the following posts and click the Like button. That’s it! Liking each post is a separate entry into both sweepstakes drawing periods.


As mentioned above we’re doing two drawings for each sweepstakes entry type—on May 1 and May 21—and your entries are good for both drawings. No need to sign up again or retweet/re-like the social posts. You’re also eligible to win both parts of the sweepstakes, so be sure to join our CHOC team AND interact with the social posts for the most chances to win—and good luck!

For the official rules and restrictions see the Gamers for CHOC inXile Sweepstakes Official Rules.