Happy Thanksgiving from inXile!

It's about that time of year in the good ol' U.S. of A. where we gather around the table and join each other in saying how thankful we are that our wifi is stable and we're able to hold this family video chat. It may be a strange one this year, but look on the bright side, they can't smell the three-fingers of whiskey on your breath when you lean in real close.

Speaking of heavy drinking, a big hearty thanks to you for hanging in there with us during this fantastically hot mess of a year, and being a part of our community. As a token of our appreciation, here's some custom Wasteland 3 T-Day art by Dan Glasl, one of inXile's Senior Concept Artists. The portrait features a rare (but not completely impossible) moment where the Patriarch of Colorado, Mother Nancy Reliance, and their 'friends' and family set aside their petty differences and get together to enjoy some Poultron—fresh from the oven! Yum.

From our family to yours, stay safe, and have a wonderful holiday. (or just a real nice Thursday) <3 Team inXile