inXile Backgrounds for Your Xbox (or whatever)

Your Xbox dash is looking sad. You probably have some undulating rings, pulsing unendingly as time slowly and inextricably marches on forever. Or maybe it's the Halo one! Anyway, here are some new inXile backgrounds to spruce up the place.

These are images, and like all images on the internet (fungible or non) you can simply right-click them and save them! Aren't computers weird? But these images are also lovingly crafted to specifically look good as an Xbox background. And because we don't think people are randomly walking by your Xbox, seeing wallpapers with logos on them and wondering how they too can purchase such fine products as shown in those wallpapers, we left the logos off. If you really want to add logos, knock yourself out. I recommend the Del Taco one.

To set these as your Xbox background:

  • Navigate to this page using the Xbox Edge browser (

  • Select an image below, it'll open full screen in a new tab

  • Open that new tab, hover over the image, and press the menu button on your controller

  • Select "Set as background"

  • Enjoy.

Wasteland 3

The Bard's Tale IV

Wasteland 2

Wasteland Remastered

Ok bye.