Looking for Streamers

Got a streamer in mind who's into RPGs and you think would be a great candidate to share inXile content? Let us know! Content creators we reach out to will get first dibs on new and upcoming info, help us bring content to the masses, and also get cool stuff to share while building their communities.

Maybe it's a streamer who's just starting out who really, really adores RPGs and/or inXile games; or someone with a great personality who has yet to be exposed to inXile's catalog, (but you want us to

convince them); or just someone you think could be the next big thing. Use the form below to point us in their direction and we'll do the rest. :)

Thanks for reading! Keep in mind that we're not necessarily going to be able to reach out to all the content creators you suggest, but we'll do our very best to consider all of your suggestions!


Team inXile