The Battle of Steeltown: Choice & Consequence

On June 3rd, The Battle of Steeltown will continue to build on the challenges the Rangers have endured so far in Wasteland 3. It’ll be up to you to figure out how to get Steeltown’s production lines back on track, or whether that’s even possible. Will you be able to thread the needle towards a peaceful resolution with the striking workforce? Maybe the poor bastards will get caught in the crossfire, as you contend with the raiders that have been preying on Steeltown as it lurches towards its imminent demise.

The end is never in clear sight, but you’re resigned to get the job done however you can … or die trying. Just remember, none of your choices are going to be easy, and no action is without consequence. You best not let your guard down while descending into the smoldering depths, as you try to determine whether Steeltown’s dilemma can be resolved, or if the town should be left to implode.

The choice is yours in The Battle of Steeltown, releasing on June 3.