The Wasteland 3 Concept Art of Dimitri Zaitsev

Join Dimitri Zaitsev, artist, cosplayer, and force behind Nuclear Snail Studios, as he dives into the design fundamentals behind his in-game Wasteland 3 costumes. In the following video, Dimitri analyzes his work both from a practical standpoint as wearable costumes, and through the lens of how his designs would apply in an apocalyptic scenario. Creators of both digital and physical props are sure to be enticed by Dimitri’s experience as he explores how the ‘rule of cool’ should always win over realism, and how realism, in turn, balances the designs by making them more believable. Throughout the video, Dimitri also addresses the importance of adhering to a consistent theme in respect to the world in which the designs will live, an extremely important aspect towards investing in their authenticity, no matter how exotic or outlandish.

Additional work by Dimitri has previously been showcased by us in our fantastical costumes preview as well as in our Patch 1.3.3 article. You can also check out more of his work on his ArtStation and Nuclear Snail facebook page.

A big thanks to Dimitri from the Wasteland team!