Wasteland 3: A Morally Gray Adventure

On July 7, an interactive prequel story series featuring two different groups of premade characters available in Wasteland 3 went live on both Twitter and Facebook. Twice a week for two and a half weeks, the community was able to help direct the series of actions that each of these teams took in the wake of Wasteland 2's devastating end. Though not all of the choice paths initially yielded clear-cut sweeping decisions, those who voted eventually made their voices heard clearly and helped direct these characters through peril. As is said in the closing pane of each of these stories, 'this is not the end.' On August 28, you'll be able to continue these characters' adventures, or create your own characters to experience the ongoing saga of the Desert Rangers in Wasteland 3.

Special thanks to Nathan Long, Senior Writer on Wasteland 3, who authored this interactive campaign.


William & Li-Tsing A Wasteland 3 Adventure, shared on Twitter

Initially, the community swayed towards getting William to safety and to avoid further confrontation. Before the voting for this choice was over though, the vote swung back and the community ultimately decided that the fight was on either way and that the ground must be held.

Unsurprisingly, when one danger falls, another comes to take its place. Sensing impending threats all around, the vote was more split this time around. Readers considered seeking their immediate revenge, but gave pause in favor of prioritizing assistance from the Rangers before heading into an even more treacherous situation.

The community was less divided this time, voting to set the synth free rather than destroy it after it was questioned. It's possible this choice could come back to haunt William and Li-Tsing down the road, but readers agreed they had seen enough senseless violence for one day. Who knows, maybe the synth was telling the truth? Maybe instead of some danger they'd released into the world they'd laid the foundation for an unlikely allegiance with this entity?

It wasn't an easy decision letting the rogue synth free. Joining up with the strangers Dusty and Marie could mean even more trouble, or at least give their targeted prey more chance to evade its capture. Ultimately, readers felt it was wiser for William and Li-Tsing to first put their trust in these travellers and their dog, Perdido, before continuing on.

With their newfound partners, William and Li-Tsing would have time to recover their supplies and their energy. More importantly, they would be afforded the time to properly mourn the loss of Lydia. Though the road ahead would no doubt be fraught with many more lethal dangers at every turn, at least William and his daughter Li-Tsing wouldn't have to face them alone.


Dusty & Marie A Wasteland 3 Adventure, shared on Facebook

Upon their brief introduction to Dusty, Marie, and their dog Perdido, readers quickly decided they weren't going to stand for innocent people dying on their watch. Guns were quickly drawn amidst a nuclear horizon setting the sky ablaze...

It just wouldn't do to let the goodest boy in the Wasteland to be left to the mercy of that sociopath. Nearly 78% of the community did not hesitate to hunt down Lewis and save Perdido, no matter the risk.

'There are old soldiers and there are bold soldiers, but there are no old, bold soldiers,' or so the saying goes. So it was with Captain Lewis and the short time he had left to live in this world. Turns out, he picked the wrong dog to kidnap. Goodnight, Captain.

On the one hand, the wasteland is an extremely treacherous place, and the AG Center is one of the few places nearby where any sense of security and protection can be found. On the other hand, nothing is certain, and really the only one anyone can trust out there is themselves. With a less confident initial vote, the community ultimately decided for better or for worse, that bringing Perdido along for the adventure to come was the way to go.

Along with their new compatriots William and Li-Tsing, Dusty and Marie and their faithful friend Perdido would make their way to the Ranger Center in Arizona where they would remain until the trip towards Colorado. Sensing that the cold journey east would be one that Perdido would not take kindly to, he would eventually still remain in the fitful care of his fellow Rangers there who already had long since made him the mascot of that station they called home.


That's another transmission from inXile HQ to all the Rangers out there! We look forward to seeing you in Colorado on August 28. -HQ, out-