Wasteland 3 Graces Game Informer

We're pleased to reveal the Wasteland 3 cover of Game Informer! It's hitting stands and mailboxes over the next couple weeks.

The Patriarch of Colorado has a lot to think about: his family, his radio, his giant hammer shaped like two fists—but mostly he's thinking about you. You and your Rangers, doing the job he can't rightly do himself without tearing apart what he's built. The Game Informer crew not only talked to us extensively about Wasteland 3 for the issue (as well as played it themselves), but they dove deep into the history of inXile, Interplay, and the roots of the series and company with Brian, all the way up to us joining Xbox Game Studios.

Can't wait to snag a copy? Game Informer also offers the digital version (available now) with a subscription. Check out Game Informer's coverage of Wasteland 3 and grab a copy when you can.