Wasteland 3 Soundtrack Expanded

You’re listening to the sweet, sultry sounds of the apocalypse. If you can hear this, lucky you! You’re one of the chosen who’ve made it through the perils of the wasteland. Hopefully, you’ve done it in style. What’s that you say? You need more Wasteland 3 tunes to get you through the frozen tundra? Don’t worry, DJ inXile has got you covered.

Since the release of Wasteland 3 on August 28, we’ve been thrilled to see the overwhelming positivity toward the game’s soundtrack. We’re excited to announce that as of today the vast majority of the game’s remaining soundtrack has been added to the album that’s already available to backers via CrowdOx, and those with the Digital Deluxe edition of the game on Steam or GOG. That’s right! If you already own the soundtrack, you’re getting the extra tracks too. If you don’t already own the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game, well heck! What are ya waiting for? Go on and get it!

Eagle-eyed observers will take note that most, but not all the tracks are now available in this listing. Believe us, we tried to get all the tracks, but had to stop just short of getting into a knife-fight with some lawyers.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of Wasteland 3’s soundtrack (and let’s face it, who isn’t?) then head on down to your local entertainment store (and by ‘entertainment store’ we mean GOG, Steam, or your CrowdOx pledge portal) and snag the rest of this aural goodness that’s ready for ear-plundering. Here are the original 17 tracks: 1. Battle Hymn of the Republic (Joshua James)

2. Aspen Exterior Exploration (Mark Morgan)

3. Frozen Waste Exploration (Mark Morgan)

4. Survivalist Bunker (Mark Morgan)

5. Savage Council (Mark Morgan)

6. Under Ice (Mark Morgan)

7. Wasteland 3 Opening (Mark Morgan)

8. Aspen Exterior Battle (Mark Morgan)

9. Under Ice Exploration (Mark Morgan)

10. Ambush Site – Combat (Mark Morgan)

11. Ambush Site – Dam (Mark Morgan)

12. Colorado Springs Exploration (Mark Morgan)

13. Denver Exploration (Mark Morgan)

14. America The Beautiful (Greg Jong and Marmoset)

15. Little Vegas Combat (Mark Morgan)

16. The Blood of the Lamb (Joshua James)

17. Down in the Valley to Pray (Greg Jong and Marmoset) And here are the 25 new tracks that have just been added: 18. Stark Winter – level load themes (Alexander Brandon)

19. Character Creation (Mark Morgan)

20. Ambush Site – Suspense (Mark Morgan)

21. Ranger HQ – Desert Rangers theme (Mark Morgan)

22. Colorado Springs Combat (Mark Morgan)

23. Garden of the Gods Suspense (Alexander Brandon)

24. Bizarre Exploration (Mark Morgan)

25. Bizarre Combat (Alexander Brandon)

26. Denver Combat (Alexander Brandon)

27. Savage Council Combat (Mark Morgan)

28. Endgame Combat (Alexander Brandon)

29. Encounter Combat (Alexander Brandon)

30. Encounter Exploration (Alexander Brandon)

31. Golden Scorpitron (Daniel Dean)

32. Green Acres (Ethan Allen)

33. Welcome Back (Joshua James)

34. Monster Mash (Graham Barton)

35. WKRP (Joshua James)

36. Battle Hymn of the Republic (Young Survivalist Choir)

37. The Blood of the Lamb (Young Survivalist Choir)

38. Down to the River to Pray (Young Survivalist Choir)

39. Welcome Back (Young Survivalist Choir)

40. Is Buchanan A Man (Young Survivalist Choir, lyrics by Nathan Long)

41. Ranger Ballad (Busker Gang, lyrics by Nathan Long)

42. What We Did in Colorado (William Whitmore featuring Kent Holmes, lyrics by Nathan Long)

So there you have it! What was once a great tribute to the Wasteland 3 soundtrack is now an almost certifiably complete* soundtrack. Y’all had been asking for this for the longest time, and now we’re happy to oblige. Thanks for your patience while we worked to pack in all these extra-delicious tracks into this humble musical offering.


*With exception to one or two tracks you may notice are missing and which almost certainly have not been expertly extracted from the game files by crafty folks and uploaded to places where such things get uploaded.