Wasteland 3: State of the Frozen Union

Rangers, we’ve just about made it to the final stretch of 2020. Who’d have thought that was possible? It seems like this year was the surprise that just kept on giving. Despite the trials and tribulations that the last several months have put in our paths, we’ve taken solace in the Ranger creed of survival. As others have stated, perhaps all this work dealing with the theme of the post-apocalypse helped prepare us for the challenges in our way this year. All the same, just as the Rangers understand, survival alone isn’t enough. There’s yet work to be done. We were extremely proud to be able to share that over 1 million players have suited up and braved the wilds of Wasteland 3, and released a special video to celebrate. We’ve been fortunate to see good reviews, positive feedback, and have recently garnered a few award nominations too. But since release we’ve worked tirelessly to resolve issues, have tackled some of the biggest bugs, and were even able to reduce our load times to mere seconds in some cases. We’re not done yet though, and our biggest patch, as well as new OS and language support, is coming soon. Read on for the full details.

Patch 1.2.0 “Meat Maker Marinade”

Since launch our focus has been on resolving some of the most pertinent issues and blockers as quickly as possible. But now we’ve taken a bit more time and have been working on longer term fixes and balance changes. Our next patch, which we’re lovingly referring to as “Meat Maker Marinade,” contains a ton of improvements and fixes.

Why are we calling it Meat Maker Marinade? Well, with this update we’re past most of the urgent issues and are focusing on letting the flavors soak in—balancing the sweet and salty, the sour and spicy, and allowing the co-mingling juices to fill in all corners of the gaming palate. What kind of meat is it, you ask? Come on, you know better than that. In the wasteland you never ask what kind of meat it is...

We’re expecting Meat Maker Marinade to launch next week across all platforms, and of course shortly before it goes live we’ll be sharing the full patch notes.

Now, as hard as we’ve tried, we don’t expect this update will contain absolutely every fix possible—some are taking a bit longer to implement and verify. We are, however, following up this patch with another patch (1.3.0) very quickly afterward, and are targeting to hopefully to get that one out before the end of the year. It’s a pretty good sized update in its own right, and we’ll have more info on it after 1.2.0 is out the door.

One of the issues we get a lot of feedback for—that we’re continuing to make progress on—is overall stability on low-memory platforms. If you’re playing on PC chances are this won’t affect you, but it can impact consoles, and especially the lower memory original-release variants from last gen. We’re continuing to make improvements on this front, and it’s something we’ll be continuing to improve with each update.

Mac and Linux

Earlier in the year we announced that Mac and Linux would be delayed, but that we expected to have them available before the end of the year. Despite the challenges the year threw at us, Mac and Linux clients will be available on Steam and GOG with Patch 1.3.0! As noted above, we’re targeting Patch 1.3.0 to hit before the end of the year. We know our Mac and Linux communities have been especially patient with us, and we sincerely appreciate you hanging in there as we work to get Wasteland 3 into your hands.

Brazilian Portuguese and Italian

Another addition we previously stated would be available before the end of the year would be the inclusion of Brazilian Portuguese and Italian subtitles, and these too are slated to come with Patch 1.3.0 which we're targeting to launch before the end of the year. We’re in the process of implementing the achievements, Steam badges, and trading cards, and you may see some of those things starting to pop up as we prepare for their release.

Estamos quase lá!

Ci siamo quasi!


Believe it or not, Wasteland 3 is just getting started, and 2021 is going to be a heck of a year for Team November. In addition to the deployment of our previously hinted at DLCs (more info coming in the new year), more work will continue to be done on performance, game balancing, and bug fixes. We’re also going to be adding new features like permadeath, and enhancements for animal companions, as well as more options for players to better customize their experience. You can be sure that as we get closer to the release of these features, we’ll have more info to share.

We want to thank all of you in our community for helping make this year as good as it can be, despite the challenges which have affected us all. With that said, it never hurts to have a great game to take our minds off the challenges we face in the real world, and we’ve made it our aim to give you an awesome RPG, and will continue improving and adding to it. Thanks for being there with us and playing Wasteland 3. Your enjoyment and feedback you’ve shared have made it all worthwhile. For now, this is Ranger HQ signing off. - Wasteland 3 Team