Wasteland 3: The Battle of Steeltown Console Delay

We’re excited to get The Battle of Steeltown into your hands—and we’re on-track to release on Windows 10 across PC storefronts (Steam, GOG, Microsoft Store, etc.) on June 3—but unfortunately we ran into a last-second release issue that’s holding back the launch for consoles by just under a week, to June 9.

It’s especially disappointing for the team here, and believe us when we say we tried everything to avoid a split release. We’ve been working on Steeltown essentially since the launch of Wasteland 3 last August, and we’ve put a lot of effort into creating an expansion that provides a deep narrative experience, gut-wrenching player choices and consequences, and more engaging tactical combat with new mechanics and enemies.

The good news is the wait won’t be long as it's less than a one-week delay—we’re launching The Battle of Steeltown for Xbox and PlayStation on June 9.

For those of you excited to jump back in, we just released Patch 1.4.0 “Appetite for Construction”, a free update which adds Crating and a new animal Kennel to the base game. These are in addition to the dozens of features and improvements and hundreds (thousands?) of tweaks and fixes we’ve added to the game since launch. Steeltown content is recommended for level 11+, so if you’re itching to jump back in with the DLC, it's a great time right now to start that new playthrough.

Thank you to our fans for their continued support; we’re looking forward to seeing your choices in Steeltown as you attempt to solve the factory’s problems like only the Rangers can.

We’ll see you in Colorado.