Wasteland 3 Time Capsule Challenge

Many years ago, in a time long-forgotten, when we still worked from places called "offices", we devised a scheme. A scheme to hold a contest within the grand state of Colorado that would send our fans forth into its wilds to dig up random locations to find a time capsule. Within that time capsule we would somehow fit collectible items like a signed piece of Wasteland art, and a signed Wasteland 3 Collector’s Edition.

However, when putting this scheme into action a few realizations set in. 1. Law enforcement and state laws don’t mesh well with the whole “go dig up people’s property” idea, 2. This wasn’t a very globally-friendly idea (or even other-states-in-the-U.S. idea), 3. The winner being only the first person to find it felt pretty limited, 4. We now find ourselves in a situation where sending people to physical locations for prizes may be putting them at undue risk, and 5. That's going to be a real big time capsule.

So, what’s a plucky gang of game developers to do? Brainstorm! So after putting our best brain cells to work we fixed it up to what we think is actually a much better and cooler idea. We’ve brought the time capsule hunt in-game!

Here’s how it works:

  1. On the world map you have a rare chance to encounter a beautiful but difficult enemy: the Golden Scorpitron

  2. Within that same map, and with enough Awareness, you'll discover a hidden Time Capsule to dig up

  3. Within that Time Capsule you’ll find a number of useful items, chief among them a letter from our fearless leader Brian Fargo

  4. Send us a screenshot or photo of that letter to (be careful to follow the official rules) and you’ll be entered into the drawing

The FIRST person to send us a photo or screenshot of the letter (again, being careful to follow the official rules) will be granted the Excavation Award, and as their reward have an item named after them added to the time capsule for future excavators to find.

Everyone that submits a valid entry will be entered into a drawing to win a prize package consisting of:

  • Wasteland 1 cover art lithograph, numbered and signed by Brian Fargo

  • Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Collector’s Edition

  • Wasteland 3 Collector’s Edition signed by the development team

After the contest ends we'll be removing the letter and adding in the item named after our Excavation Award winner. The Golden Scorpitron will remain, shiny and chrome and forever prepared to defend its treasure.

These prizes aren't going to drool over themselves, so get hunting and get digging, Rangers!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Game ends November 30, 2020. Official Wasteland 3 Time Capsule Challenge Rules.