Wasteland 3 Time Capsule Challenge Winners

Thank you to everyone that participated in the Wasteland 3 Time Capsule Challenge! We received thousands of entries, but from those thousands only two winners could emerge victorious.

The first winner is the person who submitted their screenshot first, earning them the Excavation Award Challenge Prize, and the second winner was randomly selected from all submissions to receive a fabulous prize package.

Excavation Award Challenge Winner

Congratulations to Jonas of Germany! You were the very first submission, finding the Golden Scorpitron in just under 15 hours from launch. Impressive!

We've already been in contact with Jonas, and have in fact already designed his item. This trinket is currently slated to go in with the 1.3.0 patch to replace the Winner's Badge and time capsule letter, and remain there as a testament to the very smart and very cool people who ran this contest. And the winner too I guess.

Noah's Teddy Bear will remain in the time capsule within the Golden Scorpitron map for as long as Wasteland 3 is playable, and/or there are humans/constructs/beings around to play it.

Congrats again to Jonas!

Sweepstakes Winner

The sweepstakes winner was randomly selected from all entries*, and will receive a prize package consisting of a limited and numbered art print, a Wasteland 2 Collector's Edition, and a Wasteland 3 Collector's Edition.

Drumroll please...

Congratulations to Corey K.! You've won this fabulous prize package and the lifelong knowledge that a cold, lifeless, random number generator is to thank for it. It has no knowledge of your winning. It doesn't care that you won. It is indifferent to your existence... But we're not! Congrats again, great job getting randomly picked. You did it!

Thanks to all that entered, we hope you enjoyed finding the Golden Scorpitron and playing Wasteland 3!

*Entries must have met the contest requirements to have been eligible. Entries sent to the email shown in the official rules and those sent to the email shown in-game were both included in the drawing and duplicates removed. All winners have already been contacted. Official Wasteland 3 Time Capsule Challenge Rules.