Wasteland Remastered – Macro Update Live

We've just released a new update for Wasteland Remastered on Steam, GOG, the Microsoft Store, and Xbox One that adds macroing abilities to assist with combat and repeatable actions. This was a request from many of those who played the original releases as macros quickly became "the way to play."

Macro Guide

Macro functions condense the several key strokes needed to give certain commands into one command.


  • To start recording a macro, press <CTRL> and any key from F1 through to F12 simultaneously.

  • A message will appear in the bottom right corner of the screen; to indicate the macro is recording.

  • You can then enter commands as normal, to store them in the macro.

  • When you want to stop recording the macro, press <SHIFT> and <ESC> simultaneously.

Play Back

  • To play back a macro, press <SHIFT> and the key from F1 through to F12 simultaneously, for the macro you want to play back.


  • You can replace a macro, by recording new commands to a macro that has been previously recorded.

  • This will delete the original macro.

If you are using a controller, holding the left trigger will open up a radial selection dialog, to handle recording and playing macros.

Macros will play back the inputs you selected. Please Note: as gameplay content changes, macro inputs may not interact as expected due to changing character abilities, weapon selection and other factors, similar to the original release.

For Veteran Players

  • Due to UI changes in the Remaster, the macro system works differently to the original release.

  • Depending on the circumstances, some keypresses are bound to only triggering if you are in the same state that you were when the macro was recorded. This means you cannot record a general macro while moving around a map; that will work in combat - you have to record the macro while in an encounter!

  • Keypresses that do not trigger anything in a particular area of combat will be ignored. So if you want to record a general attack macro that works for multiple groups, you'll need to create it when in an encounter with at least 2 enemy groups.

  • For example, when you only have 4 players in your party, with only single shot or melee weapons, if you recorded: 54325325251Y

This would:

  • attack group 4 with player 1 (if there is a group 4)

  • attack group 3 with player 1 (if there is a group 3)

  • attack group 2 with player 1 (if there is a group 2)

  • attack group 3 with player 2 (if there is a group 3)

  • attack group 2 with player 2 (if there is a group 2)

  • attack group 2 with player 3 (if there is a group 2)

  • attack group 1 with player 4

  • confirm the attack commands