Wasteland 3 News from X019

X019, a global celebration of all things Xbox, took place back in mid-November. Alongside big announcements from other studios and for the Xbox One itself, Wasteland 3 ended the whole show with a big post-apocalyptic bang.

Pre-orders are available now, and Wasteland 3 is coming to Windows, Linux, Mac, Xbox One (as well as with Xbox Game Pass), and PlayStation 4.

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Then, on Friday, Brian Fargo and Lead Level Designer Jeremy Kopman sat down in a panel to discuss Wasteland 3 and dive a bit deeper into the game. They shared new info about what players can expect, and insight into the history of the iconic franchise.

Here are a couple of quotes from the panel.

Do I need to play Wasteland 1 or 2 first?

Fargo: “We always make our games stand-alone. So, if you did play our first two games then there’s some inside fun and information that you would appreciate, but it’s absolutely a standalone game.”

We’ve Got Jelly Beans

Kopman: “In the world of Wasteland, the bombs fell in the late 90’s which means that the pop culture, and the cultural references kind of froze at that moment, but technology—especially sort of secretive government experiments—continued. So, you’ve got a world where people have the cultural artifacts of the 80’s and 90’s, but they don’t really know what they meant. So that’s where you get, like you saw in the trailer, the big, giant statue of Reagan. There’s a whole group of people that are called The Gippers, that worship Reagan as a god, and you have to deal with their psychology.”

Origins of the Patriarch

Kopman: “Are you familiar with doomsday preppers? Well in the world of Wasteland, they were right. They made the right choice. So, these people that put away all the resources and supplies that you would need, came out after the [nuclear] clouds cleared, and were the only ones with any ability to build stuff or eat. So, they took over very quickly and established a sort of bastion of civilization in Colorado Springs, and the Patriarch’s family were the leaders of that group.”

In addition to Wasteland 3 news, we had an update for Wasteland Remastered—the overhaul of the original 1988 game—is coming in early 2020. Spearheaded by Krome Studios (who assisted us with the remaster of The Bard’s Tale Trilogy) Wasteland Remastered will stay true to the original game while offering updated graphics, audio and music, and features. Stay tuned for more info!