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Senior Technical Artist (Rigging)


Location: Newport Beach, CA


InXile’s Animation team is looking for a motivated and experienced Senior Technical Artist. Are you a highly motivated artist who has built complex rigs and is capable of maintaining a high level of visual and technical quality for all characters?  You must have a strong understanding of anatomy, muscles, cloth/hair behavior, and be comfortable in a scripted environment. Experience with simulation rigs and directable shot sims for hair and cloth are a bonus. You must be attuned to the needs of a production pipeline and those of the animators we support.



  • Proficient rigging and skinning in Maya

  • Experience with integrating rigs in UE4 pipeline 

  • FACs based facial rigging experience 

  • Programming experience (C++ or python)

  • Ability to take initiative and work independently 

  • Solid understanding of Modern game development process

  • Strong track record for creating useful and well-designed animation tools

  • Experience creating high quality rigs for Motion Capture purposes 

  • Strong understanding of physics simulations, kinematics, deformations and technical workflows

  • Strong communication skill and experience supporting multiple departments

  • Knowledge and passion for making and playing games

  • Well-versed in human and animal anatomy 

  • 5+ years’ experience rigging characters in Maya, or similar software

  • History of generating cloth/hair rigs and creating art directed shot simulations



  • Work closely with Animation and Design departments to create high quality rigs 

  • Create unique tools to help streamline animation creation and integration in to engine

  • Work within deadlines and display time management skills 

  • Maintain a solid understanding of character creation and integration pipeline 

  • Modify rigs and tools based on feedback from animation and design teams

  • Create intricate, easy to use rigs for complex props and characters 

  • Work with Animation team to develop and streamline facial animation and submission workflow


Bonus Qualifications:

  • Experience creating facial rigs to be used with Faceware

  • Full understanding of animation pipeline in UE4

  • Knowledge of root based animation systems

  • Experience working on AAA games

  • Experience working on a FPS

  • Previous experience working in feature film or tv animation pipeline

  • Strong knowledge of character kinematics, deformations, and topology

  • High proficiency in technical problem solving



  • Resume 

  • Demo Reel and shot breakdown showing expert understanding and technical proficiency 

To apply, please email jobs@inxile.net